Build #3

Here it is, build #3!!!

  • Added shotguns
  • Added heavy enemies (with shotguns)
  • Added color changing background
  • Tweaked a lot of stats
  • Fixed the item disappearing glitch
  • Added lightbulb flickering animation
  • Added lightbulb swing animation (when shots are fired)
  • Added crates
  • Added new health and adrenaline bar
  • Added grenades
  • Added combo meter
  • Hearts can now be picked up, and thrown
  • Added new enemy sprites and animations
  • 3 different enemy types: thug (pistol), rambo (submachinegun), heavy (shotgun)
  • Glory kills now automatically play when player is near stunned enemy
  • While glory kill takes place, player cannot take damage

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Jun 05, 2017

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